The Culuture Bridge Company

We are willing to introduce impressive, amazing overseas culture to Japan, and send out distinctive Japanese esthetic culture and high culture to overseas countries.
We want the Company to develop into a Culture Bridge, and we trust that this will help to promote and reinforce the beauty and wonder of Japanese culture.

…and ARTWORKS Concept

The surprise and amazement we felt in encountering a totally different culture during our first visit to Europe remains etched in our consciousness.
The beautiful streetscapes, the lively cafe culture, the schoolchildren sketching at the art galleries…
Without doubt, there was something special in that wondrous new cultural awakening, something that we Japanese today are in danger of losing forever…

The act of expressing culture in words can appear to be inherently contradictory. So we decided to concentrate on bringing foreign culture to Japan in the form of imported museum products.

ARTWORKS division of INSIGHT CO., LTD. as a group of specialists in museum products sees it as our mission to bring wonder, amazement and delight to the faces of our customers in museum shops.